CNN: Wagner mercenaries dig trenches, a signal not to leave Libya.

Published On(2021-01-23 22:34:28)

Tripoli, 23 January 23, 2021 (Lana) The satellite images broadcast by the American Cable News network (CNN) , accompanied by an extensive report, revealed that Russian Wagner mercenaries have dug trenches across the area between the city of Sirte and its suburbs and Brak Airport, an estimated distance of 70 kilometers, which raised officials' concern Americans, you did not name them, that "building huge trenches across Libya dug by the Russian-backed Wagner Group).  

The American news channel, captured here, quoted an unidentified American intelligence official as saying (The trench is a sign that the Wagner group intends to settle in Libya for a long term).

The channel explained that the trench (which extends tens of kilometers south from the populated coastal areas around Sirte towards the stronghold of Al-Jufra, which is under Wagner's control, can be seen through satellite images, as it is supported by a series of complex fortifications.

"It stated that it had tried to communicate with the Russian government for comment, but Did not receive any response. On January 14, the official page of the Volcano Anger Operation of the Government of National Accord published pictures of what it said were "miserable fortification work on the Sirte Al-Jufra road with digging trenches", accusing the General Command forces of digging them in cooperation with "Wagner". Burkan Al Ghadhab also posted pictures last July.

 The mercenary forces were to leave the entire Libyan territory, Saturday, January 23, according to the agreement signed last October, as one of the confidence-building measures.