Amazigh New Year celebrations marked in Tripoli

Published On(2021-01-14 11:53:59)

Tripoli, 12 January 2021 (Lana) Amazigh New Year celebrations were organized Tuesday in Tripoli and attended by First Deputy President of High Council of State, Mohamed Baqi and First Deputy of House of Representatives, Ammer Nassr.

The celebration hosted by Rexis Hotel in Tripoli was also attended by President of High Amazigh Council, Ali Ashuor, President of Culture Public Authority, Hassan Awnis, Minister of Employment and Rehabilitation, Al-Mehdi Al-Ameen, and several social and political personalities.

Speakers in the festivity hosted by Public Culture Authority, congratulated the Amazigh throughout the world on the New Amazigh Year, praising cultural and social diversity boasted by Libya.

The festivity covered by Lana reporters included screening documentaries about prominnat customs and traditions boasted by the Amazigh people. The festivity also included various shows in Amazigh language that embodies the ancient and originality of the Amazigh people in Libya.

In press statement to Lana, President of Culture Public Authority, Hassan Awnis congratulated the Amazigh people on the New Year expressing pride and appreciation of such ancient cultural component.

Due to the sacrifices of our young people we managed to introduce to the world the cultural diversity enjoyed by our homeland, Hassan Awnis underscored.

The celebration of the Amazigh New Year an all related traditions are connected with the peasantry and farming year, and the establishment of the third calendaring system globally.