Al-Sarraj is on an unannounced two-day visit to Italy.

Published On(2021-01-07 20:48:00)
Rome, January 7, 2021 (LANA) - President of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Sarraj, is expected to arrive in the Italian capital, Rome today, for an "unannounced" two-day visit, according to what the Italian (Nova) news agency reported, citing unnamed sources. Nova added that the President of the Presidency Council visited Rome in recent weeks on a "private visit," but the current visit will take "an official character". It is noteworthy that Al-Sarraj visited Rome last October 22, where he was received by Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte, at the headquarters of the government in the Kiji Palace. During the meeting, Al-Sarraj and Conte renewed the emphasis on a political solution to the Libyan crisis according to (the outcomes of the Berlin conference that the Security Council adopted through its Resolution 2510, and through three tracks: security, economic, and political). ... (LANA) ...