Interior Ministry Reaches Agreement With 5+5 to Re-open Highway.

Published On(2021-01-05 17:05:00)
Tripoli, 5 January 2021(Lana) GNA Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha has said that he had agreed with the Military Commission 5+5 on forming a joint security force to secure the coastal highway. 'The meeting which was held Tuesday afternoon at the Interior Ministry headquarters in Tripoli was attended by the Head of Security Operations Department Brigadier Ali Al Nweiseri, focused on arrangements to re-open the highway, to overcome the repercussions of the blockage in the last period. The 5+5 Commission has agreed at a meeting in Sirte in December to re-open the highway linking western Libyan to the eastern part of the country in implementation of the ceasefire Agreement signed in Geneva under the UN auspices. =Lana=