Residents of Houn Stick to Their Demands That Mercenaries Leave the City.

Published On(2021-01-05 15:50:00)
Tripoli, 5 January 2021(Lana) Social, Communal and Youth activists in Houn said the residents of the central Libyan city were determined that all armed brigades including foreign mercenaries of Jinjaweed and Russians must leave the city and its outskirts in compliance of the demands of the local inhabitants. 'As a result of our determination that all armed men should leave the city of Houn, and the murderers must be put on trial, the prosecution office in the city has started measures to investigate the murder of a local resident by three defendants. Demonstrators stormed a headquarter of a militia group on Thursday in the centre of the city following the funeral of a youth killed at the hands of Jinjaweed mercenaries, demanding that all the killer mercenaries be put on trial. =Lana=