People of Hun call for departure of mercenaries from their city.

Published On(2021-01-04 15:54:00)
Tripoli, 4 December 2020 (Lana) The social and youth leadership of Hun in Jufra has announced their commitment to the expulsion of all armed battalions including foreign mercenaries such as janjawid and the Russians to outside the outskirts of the city. Head of the elderly in Hun told Lana that due to our determination to get the armed people out of Hun and to hold those responsible for murder to account, the prosecution and the judiciary began gathering evidence and investigate the three mercenaries accused of murdering one person from the city, as well as murder and kidnapping to which the city was subjected. Demonstrators from Hun stormed Thursday the headquarters of the mercenaries down town Hun after the burial of one person murdered by them calling for holding all murders to account. The population of the city protested by closing all utilities until their demands are met that is the expulsion of the mercenaries from their city. Russian Wagner and Janjweed mercenaries were stationed in Jufra after they fled from the Western Region in June under the attack of the Libyan army. =Lana=