Algerian Foreign Minister: Algeria Shares Long Borders With Libya and is Seeking to Resolve its Crisis Peacefully.

Published On(2021-01-04 15:26:00)
Algiers, 4 January 2021(Lana) Algerian Foreign Minister Sabri Boukadoum said his country shares long borders with Libya, and it seeks to resolve its crisis peacefully, pointing to the increase in diplomatic activity his country is mounting as the President returned from his medical trip. 'Algeria calls for peace, and is seeking to establish peace in its neighbourhood and resolve conflicts in Libya and Mali, Boukadoum said. 'Some issues need the President, and following his return the momentum will increase to confront to the challenges facing Algeria, he said. The Algerian Minister said 'Algeria is a strong country with a long history of resistance to colonialism, yet it has a strong army and strong will and no statement by any foreign official can by any means undermine it.' =Lana=