UN Mission Publishes List of Names of Members of the Political Dialogue Advisory Committee.

Published On(2021-01-03 16:24:00)
Tripoli, 3 January 2021(Lana) The UN Support Mission in Libya UNSMIL has published a list containing names of members of the Advisory Committee created by the Political Dialogue Forum which, it said, would operate within a specifically limited time framework. UNSMIL stressed commitment to the principal goal of holding the general elections on Dec.24, 2021. As it explained on its SMS page, UNSMIL said the main goal of the Committee was to address sticking points related to selection of a unified executive authority, and providing tangible and practical recommendations to the general meeting of the Forum to decide thereupon. Following are the names of members of the committee as they appear on the list: 1- Wafia Seifu Al Nasar 2- Saltana Al Mesmari 3- Sayeda aL Yaqoubi 4- Mohamed Al Agaili Al Hesnawi 5- Mohamed Adam Leno 6- Hussain Al Ansari 7- Abdul Rahman Al Abar 8- Anas Saed Al Hemri 9- Khalid Al Awsta 10- Moussa Faraj 11- Ali Abdul Aziz 12- Saed Saleh Kalla 13- Abdullah Othman 14- Nizar Ka'awan 15- Al Shebani Abdullah Al Shebani 16- Mohamed Al Lafi 17- Ahmed Al Sharkasi 18- Abu Bakr Al Abidi =Lana=