Mi'tig Meets Libyan Medical Team Returning From Italy.

Published On(2020-12-29 16:25:00)
Tripoli, 29 December 2020(Lana) Deputy President of Presidency Council Ahmed Mi'tig met on Monday Libyan doctors dispatched to Italy by the National Disease Control Centre to assist Italian professionals with the Corona pandemic. According to the Council's Communication Office the Libyan team outlined their experience with Italian doctors which spanned for six months in clinical medicine in the military hospital including work in the quarantine ward, and ICU. The doctors said they wished to share their experience with their the medical staff in Libyan hospitals, stressing the need to strengthen cooperation with Italy in the medical area to upgrade the healthcare sector in Libya. Mi'tig paid tribute to the effort of the youth who responded to the call of duty to travel to Italy to assist doctors there and get the necessary knowledge and experience to fight the pandemic. =Lana=