The US Reaffirms Support for NOC , Commends Quick Response of Libyan Forces to Attempt to Storm it.

Published On(2020-11-25 17:38:00)
Tripoli, 25 November 2020(Lana) The United States has renewed, through its embassy in Libya, support for the National Oil Corporation, which it said was 'carrying out its mandate in an impartial and technocratic way on behalf of all Libyans.' A statement posted to the US Embassy SMS page commended the quick response by Libyan Forces to the attempt to storm the NOC headquarters in Tripoli on Nov.23. 'Attempts by the armed groups, political factions or other institutions to pressure the NOC personnel or impeded management of the energy sector are incompatible with Libyan aspirations for a brighter and prosperous future, the Embassy said. The GNA Interior Ministry announced that they were securing the NOC through security apparatus and the Tripoli Security Directorate, after the oil organisation was subjected to an assault by what the ministry described at outlaw armed gangs. =Lana=