Moroccan Foreign Minister: Tangier Consultative Meeting is Historical Precedent, and Libyan-Libyan Dialogue Basis for Solving the Crisis.

Published On(2020-11-25 16:52:00)
Rabat, 25 November 2020(Lana) Moroccan Foreign Minister Naser Burita has said 'foreign interventions has deepened the Libyan crisis, and widened the gap between political antagonists. He voiced hope that the Tangier consultative meeting would help the Libyan House of Representatives to play its part. In remarks before the consultative meeting of members of the Libyan House of Representative here on Tuesday, Burita said 'the gathering of 120 members representing the whole of Libya, was a precedent, noting that Libyans and indeed the international community look forward to what will come out of the consultations. He stressed that Libyan dialogue was the basis for a solution to the crisis, and the goal of Libyans was to end division and reach an eventual settlement to the crisis in Libya. Burita reaffirmed that the Al Sukheirat Agreement was the reference agreement for any political settlement in Libya, and said they were convinced of a possible amendment of the agreement in line with the change of the current Libyan political landscape. He called for a time to be set for the House session in Libya, and unification of sovereign positions in accordance with the Al Sukheriat Agreement. =Lana=