House of Representatives Resumes Meeting in Tangier, Morocco.

Published On(2020-11-25 15:40:00)
Tangier, 25 November 2020(Lana) The Libyan Parliament was convened for another on Wednesday in the Moroccan city of Tangier. On the agenda of today's meeting was discussing work mechanism for the coming period, to determine a possible general meeting of all members inside Libya. Moroccan Foreign Minister Naser Burita expressed hope that the consultative meeting would enable the House to play its role in the coming period. Burita said, at the consultative meeting of members of the Libyan Parliament, the gathering of 120 members representing the whole of Libya was a precedent, noting that Libyans and indeed the international community look forward to what will come out of the consultations of the Libyan representatives. =Lana=