Stephanie Williams sends a letter calling on the Libyans not to allow those who insist and fight by all means to keep the situation in Libya as it is.

Published On(2020-11-21 17:41:00)
Tripoli November 21, 2020 (Lana) - Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General for Libya, Stephanie Williams, sent a letter to the Libyan leaders and the Libyan people, calling on them not to allow "those who insist and fight by all means to keep the situation as it is, to mislead you with news and campaigns fabricated and steal this opportunity from you. " This came in an exclusive interview with the United Nations News website, in which she touched on the ceasefire agreement, the launch of the Libyan political forum, the upcoming elections, the role of women, oil and foreign interference, among other things. In this dialogue, which was conducted via remote communication technology, Williams noted in particular the role of the women's group that participated in the forum, noting the importance of the role of women in building and making peace. "They do deserve their weight in gold when it comes to being at the negotiating table," she said. She also drew attention to the changing attitude of men towards the participation of women in the dialogue, explaining that "men have begun to appreciate that as well, and recognized that women can be very effective in making peace." The Acting Special Representative of the Secretary-General in Libya also addressed Libyan oil and its impact on the country's economy, referring to her recent meeting with the Sirt Oil and Gas Production and Processing Company in Marsa Brega, which included the head of the National Oil Corporation, Mustafa Sanaallah, and the commander of the petroleum facilities guard. She also touched on foreign interference in Libya, stressing the importance of respecting the arms embargo. =Lana=