America's delegate to the Security Council warns the spoilers of peace in Libya and calls for their punishment.

Published On(2020-11-21 17:17:00)
New York, November 21, 2020 (Lana) - The representative of the United States of America to the Security Council, "Kelly Craft", said that the international community must hold accountable those who harm the security, peace and stability of Libya, and take concrete steps to end impunity in Libya. In a speech, Thursday, at the Security Council session on Libya, Kraft expressed her country's welcome to agree on a roadmap, considering that this reflects a broad consensus between Libyans. The American delegate called on the members of the Security Council to adhere to the Berlin process and the UN political process fairly, stressing that the success of the ceasefire is linked to every member of the Security Council, and the Libyans 'decision to stop the fighting must be supported. Kraft emphasized that the alternative imposed from abroad with the aim of dividing Libya and achieving a permanent military presence is totally unacceptable, calling on the international community to abide by the agreement made by the Libyans to exit mercenaries, foreign fighters and military units. "Kraft" indicated that it is important to appoint a special envoy to Libya who has a diplomatic career, indicating that "Nikolai Miladinov" is a good choice for the job. =Lana=