The plenipotentiary Minister of Interior discusses with his French counterpart the training of an elite police force.

Published On(2020-11-20 16:21:00)
Tripoli, November 20, 2020 (Lana) - Minister of Interior Plenipotentiary "Fathi Bash-Agha" met Thursday with the French Interior Minister "Gerald Darmanan" at the headquarters of the French Interior Ministry. "The meeting focused on establishing joint cooperation between the French and Libyan ministries of interior in the fields of training, particularly training an elite police force, in coordination with French police special forces, in addition to training in the areas of detecting falsification of identification documents," the Interior Ministry's media office said. It was also agreed in this meeting to provide the necessary technologies and equipment in the field of combating illegal immigration and coastal security, and many issues of common concern were addressed. =Lana=