European Union: Operation IRINI is continuing its duties, and we are endeavoring to perpetuate the ceasefire in Libya.

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2020-11-19 21:41:00

Brussels, November 19, 2020 (Lana) - The High Representative for Security and Foreign Policy in the European Union Josep Borrell said that we have not yet reached the point of sending a mission to monitor the ceasefire in Libya. Borrell was speaking during a press conference held after the end of the hypothetical meeting of the foreign ministers of the European Union member states, where the latest developments in the Libyan file were reviewed, according to what was reported by the Italian news agency (AKI). Borrell stressed that the European Union is ready to cooperate with the United Nations so that the cease-fire is respected, its continuity is guaranteed, and the political process is launched. The European official clarified that the European "IRENI" process continuing its duties, a process that the Europeans see as part of the international efforts exerted to solve the conflict in Libya under the auspices of the United Nations. =Lana=