German Foreign Minister: Libya Hasn't Reached Goal, Ceasefire Removed Big Obstacle towards Peace.

Published On(2020-10-25 18:00:00)
Berlin, 24 October 2020(Lana) German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas described signing of a ceasefire agreement in Libya as a first glimpse of hope for the people of Libya for a long time, saying it was a last option to change track from military discourse to the political discourse, which he said was a good basis for the coming development, a political solution in Libya. 'Representatives in political talks should have the courage to get closer together, Maas said, noting that the talks formula agreed at Berlin Conference have led to a crucial success. Maas said Libya hasn't reached its goal, but has removed a stumbling block towards peace. He noted that the Libyan people apparently had a will to create a future for their country with themselves. =Lana=