Al Jufra Notables Call of Politicians to Adopt 5+5 Agreement.

Published On(2020-10-25 15:35:00)
Tripoli, 25 October 2020(Lana) The notables of Al Jufra have expressed their support of the signing of the ceasefire agreement by Libyan parties at the end of the 5+5 Military Committee meetings in Geneva. 'All provisions of the agreement serve the national interests of the homeland, Ahmed Abu Taleb the Chairman of the Council of Notables and Wise Men in Jufra told the Libyan News Agency. Abu Taleb called on key players to adopt the agreement to save the country, by halting infighting, providing services to the citizens especially in the southern region which is suffering the most. He stressed the need for opening up roads and airports, and urged politicians to end the political wrangling, and to put the interests of Libya first. =Lana=