Morocco: Any Foreign Intervention in Libya Will Impact North Africa and Morocco.

Published On(
2020-10-13 18:20:00

Rabat, 13 October 2020(Lana) Moroccan Foreign Minister Naser Burita has affirmed that King Mohamed's instructions regarding Libyan Talks were 'to provide support but not to impose a solution on Libyans.' 'His Excellency's instructions regarding the Libyan talks were clear-cut that Libyans should be supported but without imposing solutions, Burita was quoted by the Moroccan news agency as saying in an interview with the Arabic Sky New television channel on Monday, with the assertion that any foreign intervention will impact North Africa and Morocco, and the same with regard to the growing terrorist groups activities. He stressed that Morocco has reacted to the desire by Libyans of choosing Abu Zniga as a venue for the talks, and said Morocco supports a peaceful solution to the Libyan issue, to preserve the integrity of the country and prevent foreign intervention. =Lana=