NOC raises the status of force majeure at Zueitina port starting Tuesday.

Published On(
2020-09-22 22:30:00

Tripoli, September 22, 2020 (LANA) - The National Oil Corporation announced the lifting of force majeure, starting Tuesday, from the port of Zueitina, and directing the operator to Zueitina to initiate production arrangements. The Corporation stated in a statement that during the past two days it had carried out a security assessment of Zueitina Port and Zueitina Oil Company fields, indicating the positive assessment, as it concluded that there is a significant improvement in the security situation that allows it to resume production and exports to global markets. The Cooperation said that Zueitina is the main feeder of cooking gas, and also an important source for the coastal line system, which enables the rest of the operators to feed the North Benghazi and Zweitina stations with gas fuel, which alleviates the suffering of the people in the greater Benghazi city and its suburbs, and provides clean and regular gas fuel. Thus, the ports of Harika, Brega and Zweitina are classified as safe ports, according to the Oil Corporation, which indicated work to evaluate the rest of the oil fields and ports, in accordance with the occupational safety and security standards in force in the oil sector. ... (LANA) ...