NCDC Boss Warns of Aggravation Covid 19 Situation.

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2020-08-11 17:59:00

Tripoli, 11 August 2020(Lana) The Director of the National Disease Control Center Badr Iddin Al Najjar said Covid 19 infection situation in Libya is spiking particularly in Tripoli and Misrata and the southern region as well. The spread of the CoronaVirus in Tripoli is surging more in the municipalities of Abu Salim, Hai Al Andalus and Suk Al Gomoa. There is a visible increase in CoronaVirus cases in Misrata which requires special attention, the NCDC boss said. Al Najjar said there was a surge of infections across the country, though they vary from area to area, but not as spots as Tripoli and Misrata and some areas in the South. Generally the situation is aggravating, he said. =Lana=