National Anti- Money laundering Committee Signs up With Interior Ministry to Fight Corruption and Money Laundering.

Published On(
2020-08-11 16:42:00

Tripoli, 11 August 2020(Lana) The Governor of Central Bank of Libya Al Sidiq Al Kabir, Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Terror Financing, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Interior Ministry to fight corruption and money laundering. The agreement was signed by the Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha. the event was attended by senior officials at the Interior Ministry and the Central Bank of Libya. The signing of the agreement is an accumulation of an agreement that has been reached at a meeting of the national Committee, over the commitment of the Libyan state to the standards and best practices to achieve fruitful cooperation to curb corruption, crimes of money laundering financing of terrorism. The Central bank of Libya has agreed to cooperate with the audit firm assigned to examine accounts in Libya as part exercising transparency. The Ministry also offered to follow suite to examine its accounts. =Lana=