The US ambassador to Libya and "Aqila Saleh" agree in Cairo to keep the cities of Sirt and Jufra demilitarized.

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2020-08-10 20:19:00

Cairo, 10 August 2020 (Lana) - The Speaker of the House of Representatives meeting in Tobruk, Counselor "Aqila Saleh" and the American ambassador to Libya, "Richard Norland", during their meeting in Cairo, today, Monday, agreed to continue the ceasefire and to keep the cities of Sirt and Al-Jufra demilitarized until Resumption of political dialogue and return to the dialogue table. Media sources reported that the US ambassador confirmed during his meeting with "Saleh", his country's position calling for the necessity of stopping the fighting in Libya and that there is no military solution to the crisis. =Lana=