Maitiga International Airport resumes operating its flights.

Published On(
2020-08-09 16:54:00

Tripoli 09 August 2020 (WAL) - Maitiga International Airport resumed its flights Sunday morning, as a Libyan Airlines plane took off heading to Istanbul International Airport on its scheduled flight for today. On Monday, August 3, the Airports Authority announced the suspension of flights from Misrata Airport and their resumption from Maitiga Airport as a result of the fire that occurred at the passenger terminal at Misrata International Airport. The authority indicated that the regular flights of airlines for departure and non-scheduled return flights from Maitiga International Airport will be resumed, starting from Sunday morning, on the 9th of August, due to the maintenance work at the airport. It is noteworthy that the Minister of Transportation, the Head of the Airports Authority, and the directors of the competent technical departments of the Authority paid a field visit last Thursday evening to Maitiga International Airport to inspect the progress of maintenance work and ensure the airport's readiness for operation. The tour included a visit to some basic facilities at the airport, including the passenger terminal and the air traffic control tower, to see the progress of the work of re-paving the main helipad and lighting the airfield, and to ensure that the instructions and signs that should be followed by travelers and workers while they were at the airport were put in place to prevent infection transmission. The Airports Authority has published, on its Facebook page, "tips and advice." for travelers prior to the opening of Maitiga International Airport to air traffic, starting from Sunday, to educate travelers about the measures to be taken while they are at the airport. The authority called on all travelers and employees to adhere to all the instructions and instructions issued by the National Center for Disease Control and the Committee to follow up on the implementation of the Covid-19 prevention guide, which is shown in the information panels located inside the airport, which include wearing face masks, sterilizing hands and maintaining social distancing, in order to preserve their safety. ... (LANA) ...