The German frigate, "Hamburg", heads to the Mediterranean to participate in the decision to ban arms supply to Libya.

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2020-08-04 16:53:00

Berlin 04 August 2020 (LANA) - The German frigate "Hamburg" with about 250 soldiers on its way to the Mediterranean Sea today, Tuesday, to participate in monitoring the implementation of the United Nations resolution to ban the export of arms to Libya, according to German news agency DPA. The German news agency reported that the German navy announced on Monday that the 143-meter-long vessel will sail tomorrow morning from the port of "Wilhelmshaven" and is likely to reach the mission area in the middle of this month. The German news agency stated that the frigate will work within the European Union "Irini" mission, which started in early May. It was pointed out that this mission faces a special challenge due to the continuing Corona crisis, as the navy indicated that this crisis could lead to the crew members not leaving their ship for about five months in order to prevent the spread of Covid-19 disease on board the ship. The frigate will return to the Wilhelmshaven harbor on December 20, according to current plans. The "IRINI" operation aims to stabilize the situation in Libya and support the UN-led peace process, and the process is concerned with preventing arms smuggling as well as preventing the smuggling of oil and fuel. The European Union is interested in resolving the conflict in Libya because the chaotic conditions there provide an opportunity for smuggling gangs to transport illegal immigrants to Europe across the Mediterranean. ... (LANA)…