The Turkish and Russian Presidents assess the developments of the regional situation, especially the Libyan file.

Published On(
2020-07-28 18:53:00

Ankara, July 28, 2020 (LANA) - The Turkish presidency said on Monday, that President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made a phone call to his Russian counterpart, Vladimir Putin during which they discussed bilateral relations between the two countries and assessed regional developments, led by the Libyan and Syrian files. The Turkish presidency stated that the two presidents evaluated, during the phone call, the steps to be taken in order to strengthen Turkish-Russian relations, and discussed regional developments, especially the tension between Azerbaijan and Armenia, and the Libyan and Syrian files. It was added that "Erdogan and Putin agreed to continue cooperation and dialogue on bilateral relations and regional issues". Russia and Turkey agreed to "consider establishing a joint working group on Libya", to continue efforts to reach a long-term and continuous ceasefire in Libya and to hold the next round of consultations between the two countries in Moscow in the near future, according to what the Russian Foreign Ministry announced on July 22. ... (LANA) ...