Emari Zaed meets German ambassador to Libya to discuss political and military developments.

Published On(
2020-07-28 17:39:00

Tripoli, 27 July 2020 (Lana) Member of the Presidency Council, Mohsmed Emari Zaed met with German ambassador to Libya to discuss bilateral relations. They also discussed political developments and Berlin track and its obstacles as well as future vision of proposed initiatives and viewpoints about future political trends in the country. They also touched on military developments in Sirt and central area and situations in the oil region. Dr Zaed said the GNA is proceeding with its plan to control the whole country and that no political solution with those who reject a political solution and GNA is a government for all Libyans. Dr Zaed also discusses with the German ambassador cooperation on local government, in this respect Dr Zaed briefed the ambassador on the latest developments of devolution and measures taken by GNA in this respect. The ambassador reiterated his government support to enhance local government and joint projects and workshops. =Lana=