Tunisian Ministry of Defense: Four cars coming from Libya were shot and attempted to penetrate across our borders.

Published On(
2020-07-09 19:46:00

Tunisia, July 09, 2020 (Lana) - The Tunisian Ministry of Defense announced in a statement, Wednesday, that its forces responded to the attempt of a number of suspicious vehicles to penetrate the country's territories across the border with Libya. The statement said that the military formations operating in the Al-Manzala area of Barmada detected, on Tuesday evening, suspicious movements of four cars coming from Libya and penetrated into the buffer border area at the level of the dirt cover. According to the statement, the Tunisian forces fired warning shots in the space to force the cars to stop, but they did not comply with the stop signals, and then they were thrown at the wheel level, but the violating cars fled. The statement stated that the Military Primary Court of Sfax had opened an investigation to investigate the accident. =Lana=