Italian Senate approves the refinancing of the military mission in Libya.

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2020-07-09 19:38:00

Rome, July 09, 2020 (Lana) - The Italian Senate has agreed to refinance the military mission in Libya; To train and support the Libyan Coast Guard to tackle illegal immigration. In yesterday's session, the council approved the matter, during the consideration of renewing the funding of Italian missions abroad for another year, with the approval of 260 parliamentarians, and 14 others refused, while two members abstained from voting, according to the news agency "Aki". The Italian Five-Star Movement appreciated the Council's vote, saying that Italy's commitment to Libya to support the legitimate government in Tripoli to combat illegal immigration responds to the national interest with priority and clear importance. In a note, it expressed its hope that cooperation with Libya would be in a European framework and not only bilateral, which should continue on renewable and solid foundations, that is, to comply as a prerequisite to the full protection of the human rights of migrants, and strict respect for international agreements. Added: "Thanks to the work of the Italian government, especially Foreign Minister" Luigi de Mayo, "the accord government agreed to review the memorandum of cooperation signed in 2017 and we hope that the amendment procedures will be completed as soon as possible." =Lana=