Dutch ambassador to Libya discusses efforts to clear mines and war remnants in Libya.

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2020-07-09 19:32:00

Amsterdam, July 09, 2020 (Lana) - The Dutch Ambassador to Libya, "Lars Tummers", discussed on Tuesday with the United Nations Mine Action Service, mine clearance efforts in Libya. The Dutch ambassador expressed his concern about the mines planted in some areas south of Tripoli and he said in a tweet, "The increase in the number of civilian casualties due to mines in Libya remains worrying, especially the recent unexploded ordnance and explosive traps in areas south of Tripoli. The United Nations mission to Libya revealed a week ago that the United Nations has documented 75 civilian casualties and 55 demining workers in the past five weeks, after they were caught in booby traps or were exposed to explosive devices, landmines and explosive remnants of war in southern Tripoli. In its official Facebook account, the mission added that the United Nations is providing technical support and advice to the relevant authorities to help manage safe access to areas contaminated by mines and explosives and to clear them safely, and warns against the unsafe return of displaced persons in southern Tripoli. =Lana=