Italian "Aki" News: The Italian-Libyan Joint Committee held its meeting to amend the bilateral memorandum on migration.

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2020-07-04 16:04:00

Rome, July 04, 2020 (Lana) - The Italian-Libyan Joint Committee held its first meeting Thursday in the Ministry of Interior in the capital, Rome, to amend the bilateral memorandum signed in 2017 between Rome and Tripoli on cooperation in the field of migration. A statement issued by the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, according to what was reported by the Italian "Aki" agency, indicated that the Italian party affirmed - during the meeting that a constructive and positive atmosphere prevailed - the creation of a major turning point in the field of cooperation with Libya in managing irregular migration flows through commitment to apply the relevant rules in the field of human rights, recognition of the central role of the relevant United Nations agencies, and progressive dispensing with the system of migrant hosting centers. The two sides also agreed, according to the statement, to continue negotiations with new meetings soon. =Lana