The Ambassador of the European Union to Libya visits the headquarters of the Electoral Commission in Tripoli and praises the extent of its readiness for any upcoming entitlement.

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2020-06-29 18:22:00

Tripoli, 29.06.2020 - Lana - The European Union's ambassador to Libya, Alan Bogia, praised the level of readiness of the National High Electoral Commission in Libya and the efforts made to provide ideal conditions for holding elections in accordance with the highest international standards, according to what the commission published on its Facebook page. The praise of the European Ambassador, came during his visit, Sunday, to the headquarters of the National High Elections Commission in the capital, Tripoli, and his meeting with the head of the Commission's Board of Directors, "Imad Al-Sayeh" and member of the Board of Directors, "Abdul Hakim Bel-Khair". The Electoral Commission said that the visit of the European ambassador comes within the framework of the international community's support for the democratic path in Libya, and to determine the level of readiness of the commission to implement the electoral processes that may be approved by any prospective political settlement, and to discuss the support available in the field of managing and implementing the elections. The Commission clarified that the meeting reviewed the challenges that the Commission can face locally and internationally following the spread of the Corona pandemic, and to benefit from international experiences to overcome this pandemic with regard to elections, especially those related to the participation of Libyan communities residing abroad. It also pointed out that the head of the commission, "Imad Al-Sayeh," accompanied the European ambassador on an inspection tour of the new headquarters of the commission, briefing him on its equipment and facilities and the new construction included in the headquarters. =Lana=