German parliamentarian: Many external elements are manipulating the Libyan file, and we warn against Libya turning into a new Syria.

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2020-06-29 18:16:00

Berlin, 29.06.2020 - Lana - A spokesman for the parliamentary group of the Christian Democratic Union in Germany, "Jurgen Hardt," warned that Libya is on the way to be the second Syria, noting that there are many external elements that are manipulating the Libyan file. "Hardt" said in press statements that Libya is rich in oil fields and that there are many war barons who want to fill their pockets with money, stressing the need to prepare the ground in Libya urgently to reach an urgent solution to the crisis. "Hardt" pointed out the need to persuade "Khalifa Haftar" not to insist on military solutions, adding that external parties must pressure the warring parties for peace negotiations. "Jurgen Hardt" said that if the parties agree to a political solution in Libya, Europe and other countries will contribute to a peaceful democratic future in Libya. =Lana=