The Sudanese Foreign Ministry reveals the fact of excluding Khartoum from a mini-committee formed by the Arab League on Libya.

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2020-06-27 16:30:00

Khartoum, 27.06.2020 - Lan - The Sudanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs revealed on Thursday, the fact that Khartoum was excluded from a mini-committee that was established by the Arab League from some neighboring countries to deal with the Libyan crisis. The Sudanese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Ambassador Haider Badawi, confirmed in statements with the "Sudanese" newspaper, according to the Russian "Sputnik" agency, that there is no mini committee to follow up the Libyan crisis, noting that the Arab League decision did not include any of that. He pointed out that during the preparation for the meeting of the permanent delegates and consulting on the draft resolution, a mini committee was formed to draft the draft resolution, which has consensus on the decisions of the league and ended with that, and was at the level of ambassadors. =Lana=