Italian Deputy Foreign Minister: Europe must now intensify its efforts to cease fire in Libya.

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2020-06-19 15:51:00

Rome, 19.06.2020 - Lana - Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Italian government, Marina Sereni, stressed that stability in Libya can never be achieved without achieving political and geopolitical goals acceptable to all parties concerned. In an article published by the Italian website, The Huffington Post, Sereni said, "Italy and the European Union must and can put all their weight on it." Regarding the recent military developments on the ground between the conflicting parties in Libya, she said, "It exists and is seen by all, and therefore I do not intend to challenge the fact that there is a change in Libya," but it will not lead to a final military solution to this conflict. The Italian diplomat, who belongs to the Democratic Party, added that Europe must now and can put all its weight to reach an immediate permanent ceasefire in Libya, to resume the United Nations-led political dialogue with the Libyans and among them, and implement the IRINI mission in full. =Lana=