Presidential council extends curfew by 10 days, with a complete ban imposed on Friday and Saturday.

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2020-06-19 15:35:00

Tripoli, 19.06.2020 - Lana - The Presidential Council decided to extend the curfew from eight o'clock in the evening until six o'clock the next morning, for a period of ten days, from, Wednesday. Also decided a complete ban for twenty-four hours during Friday and Saturday of each week, as well as travel between cities is prohibited, according to the first article of Resolution No. 404 of 2020 issued Wednesday. The second article of the decision stipulated the continued complete curfew in all areas of the south, as well as movement between cities, also the closure of mosques and the prevention of religious, national and social gatherings and events in addition to major markets and shops that do not provide basic services to citizens, including clothing, shoes, cafes and restaurants, and delivery services are permitted. In its fourth article, the decision allowed the continuation of the work of the owners of professional offices, as well as the owners of crafts and individual economic activities represented in shops and small projects in which the rules for social spacing can be applied, including car maintenance workshops, electrical and electronic equipment, household items, carpentry and blacksmith workshops, tire stores, spare parts and laundry shops . And the fifth article of the decision obligated citizens to adopt methods of prevention and protection from infection of the "Corona emerging" virus. The sixth article asked the professional bodies to activate the role of the Judicial Control Commissioner and the relevant security authorities in implementing the ban while taking all administrative and legal firm measures against violators. =Lana=