The Medical Supply Authority in the eastern region sends medical and preventive supplies to the city of Sabha.

Published On(
2020-05-30 16:16:00

Benghazi, 30.05.2020 - Lana - The health sector in the Eastern province announced the dispatch of a large shipment of drugs and preventive medical supplies to the city of Sabha and a complete shipment to the Clinical Isolation Center as part of confronting the emerging Corona virus. The sector indicated that the shipment was prepared by the Medical Supply Authority in the Eastern region, which will be delivered to health facilities in Sabha, in preparation for sending a medical convoy of elite doctors in several different specialties to the municipality of Sabha. The Medical Supply Authority is trying to send this shipment to contribute in providing medical and therapeutic services, pointing to the continued dispatch of medical shipments in the coming days to compensate for the strategic stock in the south in anticipation of any emergency. =Lana=