The US delegate to the United Nations warns against continued support for both conflict in Libya.

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2020-05-30 16:09:00

New York, 30.05.2020 - Lana - The United States of America has called on UN member states to comply with the arms embargo to Libya, and to stop supporting parties to the conflict. This came in a speech by the US delegate to the United Nations, "Kelly Kraft" at a briefing session of the UN Security Council on Thursday, as "Kraft" called on the external parties to stop fueling the conflict, according to the statement of the American mission to the United Nations on its website. She said that the political solution sponsored by the United Nations is the only way to achieve stability in Libya in the long term, adding that this goal requires a sustained effort from the United Nations, and firm support from the United States and the European Union, as she also expressed her country's appreciation for the European process of "IRINI" aimed at implementing the UN resolution on the arms embargo to Libya. The US Assistant Secretary of State for Near East Affairs, "David Schenker," warned against repeating the Syrian experience in Libya, and getting out of control due to foreign interference, during his dialogue with "France 24" channel, last Wednesday. He pointed to his country's support for an immediate ceasefire, stressing the necessity of stopping the proxy war in Libya. =Lana=