The European Union decides to appoint the Italian admiral, Ettore Sochi, as commander of Operation Irini.

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2020-05-30 16:06:00

Rome, 30.05.2020 - Lana - Italian Admiral Fabio Agostini, commander of the European IRINI operation in Libya, welcomed the appointment of the Council of the European Union to Italian Admiral Ettore Sochi as commander of the force at sea for the operation until October 18, 2020. The admiral in a press statement carried by the Italian agency "Nova" yesterday, said that the mission will then be transferred to the Greek commander "Theodorus Microbulus" until March 31, 2021, while Admiral "Sochi" has already held the position of force commander in the Sofia operation since June 2019. The agency noted that " Microbulus" is the commander of the Greek naval base in the Gulf of Souda Crete and before that he held senior positions in the Greek navy. The European Union issued a decision appointing "Sochi" commander of the naval military operation force in the IRINI Mediterranean to monitor the UN Security Council resolution banning the supply of weapons to Libya. =Lana=