Russia's delegate to the United Nations: Any legal breach of the "IRINI" operation will undermine peace efforts in Libya.

Published On(2020-05-30 16:07:00)
New York, 30.05.2020 - Lana - Russia's permanent representative to the United Nations, "Vasily Nebenzia", confirmed on Thursday that the European Union had informed Moscow by launching the "IRINI" operation in the Mediterranean; In order to monitor the UN arms embargo resolution imposed on Libya. "Nebenzia" said in a statement, it is expected that this process will fully comply with international law, Security Council Resolution 2292 and its area of operations to cover the entire length of the Libyan coast. The Russian delegate stated that any imbalance in such a sensitive issue - in reference to compliance with international law and Security Council resolutions - may undermine international efforts to establish a dialogue between the opposing Libyan parties. "Nebenzia" also called on the European Union to continue contacts with all Libyan conflict parties, and take all factors affecting Libyan affairs into account during next June, when the time comes to take a decision on extending the inspection regime on the high seas near Libya. The Council of the European Union had decided earlier to appoint the Italian Admiral "Ituri Sochi", commander of the force of the naval military operation in the Mediterranean "IRINI", to monitor the UN Security Council resolution banning the supply of weapons to Libya. =Lana=