America warns that the security and military situations in Libya will be out of control.

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2020-05-29 18:34:00

Washington, 29.05.2020 - Lana - US Assistant Secretary of State for Middle East Affairs, David Schenker, cautioned that the matter could spin out of control in Libya because of developments in the situation there. "Schenker" said in press statements that the United States supported the immediate ceasefire, and demanded the cessation of this proxy war in Libya, and the emphasis on the arms embargo. "Schenker" added that the United States of America adopted the results of the Berlin conference to resolve the crisis in Libya, and obligate the parties to the conflict to cease fire and encourage discussions of the "5 + 5" committee, but it was not implemented. He explained that what America sees today in Libya is a repetition of the Syrian experience, as Libya is currently witnessing an expanded regional conflict, stressing that there are differences between what is happening in Libya and what happened in Syria, but if there is no solution to external interference in the Libyan crisis, things will come out of control. =Lana=