CoronaVirus Combat Committee Issues Stricter Measures After Detection of Two New Cases.

Published On(
2020-03-29 16:22:00

Tripoli, 29 March 2020(Lana) The High CoronaVirus Combat Committee has issued a number of measures that it said they should be enforced after new cases were reported in Libya on Saturday. New recommendations posted to the Committee's website, called for a curfew to be observed between 2 pm to 7 am, and reducing work hours at Government institutions to just between 9 am and 12 am, as well as restricting travel between cities except for vital works. The Committee also called on the Central Bank of Libya to put in place a proper mechanism for rendering services to customers at banks, that would reduce direct contact at commercial banks. It also called for raising the level of preparedness at border outlets to the maximum, and coordination between concerned bodies to ensure no illegal infiltrations across the border. =Lana=