EU renews support for Berlin conference's outcomes and for immediate halt of fighting in Libya.

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2020-03-28 21:54:00

Brussels, 28.03.2020 - Lana - The European union called on all UN member countries to respect and support arms embargo imposed by the UN, and to stop arms flow to Libya. The union in a statement issued by the supreme foreign affairs representative for security and policy in the EU 'Josep Boril' today Saturday, egged for immediate halt of fighting, and to seek a political solution for the crisis, renewing the EU commitment in supporting the Berlin process, and the international mediation to end 'what he described as' the conflict in Libya. In the statement, the EU expressed regret for the escalation of military conflict in Libya, in spite of the international calls for a humanitarian truce to help to contain the Corona Virus pandemic in the country. =Lana=