Libyan ambassador to Jordan: we are working on transferring our citizens in Jordan home as soon as possible.

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2020-03-23 20:13:00

Amman, 23.03.2020 - Lana - the Libyan ambassador to Jordan Kingdom 'Muhamad Al-Barghati', confirmed that there are practical steps to transport the Libyans resided in Jordan to their home country Libya. In a statement quoted by the Jordanian site "Madar al-Sa'ah", al-Barghati said that they had contacted the Jordanian civil aviation and the Afrikia Airway Company in Jordan, and the Jordanian side had agreed on that. He also pointed out the readiness of the Libyan embassy in Amman to deal with any upcoming emergency, he also praised the Jordanian government's actions in facing Corona virus, calling upon Libyan residents to comply with the Jordanian instructions. =Lana=