UN Secretary General Welcomes Positive Response by Libyan Parties to the Crisis Over Humanitarian Ceasefire.

Published On(
2020-03-23 17:50:00

New York, 23 March 2020(Lana) UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has welcomed positive response made by Libyan conflicting parties to a call for a humanitarian ceasefire in the war in Libya to allow time for combating CoronaVirus. According to UN website, a statement, issued in the name of the Secretary General, expressed hope that this would lead to an immediate and unconditional halt of hostilities. Guterres called on Libyan parties to join ranks in confront the threat of CoronaVirus, to make way for delivering assistance across the countries without hindrance. The UN Support Mission in Libya also welcomed the humanitarian ceasefire and said it hoped the two parties would halt hostilities immediately on all fronts, to allow healthcare services and partners respond to the potential threat of CoronaVirus in the country. =Lana=