GNA Minister of Economy Issues Decision Banning Exporting Masks, Sanitizers and Respirators.

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2020-03-16 19:09:00

Tripoli, 16 March 2020(Lana) GNA Minister of Economy Ali Al Isawi has issued a decision to ban export of masks, sanitizers and respiratory devices. A state of emergency was declared yesterday to confront CoronaVirus by the President of Presidency Council who declared that half a billion Libyan dinars have been allocated to fight the pandemic, and closure of all the country's border outlets. Schools, universities were also declared closed and sports and social events were also banned. Precautionary measures were manifested yesterday by closure of Wazen border crossing with Tunisia and banning foreigners at the Misrata Airport. UP until now no confirmed CoronaVirus cases have been announced in Libya. as the number of infected people around the world reached 157000 of which more than 75000 have recovered, and more than 5000 have died. =Lana=