FM: NO COVID 19 cases among Libyans abroad.

Published On(
2020-03-16 19:03:00

Tripoli, 16 March 2020(Lana) Technical Affairs deputy Foreign Minister, Mahmud Al Telissi has announced that Libyan diplomatic missions did not record any COVID infections among Libyan communities abroad. The Media Office quoted Telissi as asserting that the announcement was made after direct contacts with head of Libyan diplomatic mission abroad and committees formed within these missions to follow up the situation of the Libyan nationals and developments in countries where COVID 19 outbreak was reported. The deputy minister also revealed the steps being taken by those missions and mechanisms adopted to ensure delivery of medical assistance to those needed it. The Foreign Ministry set up a task force to follow up COVID 19 developments, headed by Deputy Foreign Minister for Technical Affairs and deputy Director for Administration and Finance, Hamza Al Awkly. =Lana=