South African President: External parties threaten the interests and rights of the Libyan people.

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2020-03-14 18:28:00

Brazzaville, 14.03.2020 - Lana - The President of South Africa and the African Union "Cyril Ramavosa" renewed the call for the implementation and respect of the ceasefire agreement in Libya, expressing his country's and the African Union's disappointment at the negative outcome of the military track meetings in Geneva. Ramavosa's call came at the opening of a high-level contact group meeting on Libya in the Congo headed by "Ramavosa", which confirmed the African Union's rejection of all forms of foreign interference in Libya, accusing the external parties of threatening the interests and rights of the Libyan people. The meeting, which was held in the town of Oyo in the north of the Congo, was attended by representatives of the United Nations and the European Union and the Chairperson of the Union Commission, "Musa Faki", who asked members to start preparing for a Libyan reconciliation conference that respects the integrity and unity of Libya and its people, stressing that the Contact Group meeting on Libya is an excellent opportunity for Africa to express On her leadership of efforts to resolve the Libyan crisis. =Lana=