Salama: Deployment of European Mission to Monitor Ceasefire to be Taken by Libyans.

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2020-02-06 15:16:00

Geneva, 6 February 2020(Lana) UN Special Envoy to Libya Ghasan Salama said deployment of a European mission to monitor ceasefire in Libya was a decision for Libyan to take. 'The issue of the European monitor mission will be discussed this week, Salama said earlier on Tuesday following start of the military and security track of the negotiations between parties to the conflict in Libya. The UN Envoy said representatives at the 5+5 meeting have agreed to the need to turn the truce into a permanent ceasefire, indicating that the goal of the talks in Geneva was to listen carefully to positions of the two sides regarding their conditions for turning the truce into a permanent ceasefire. =Lana=