Italian anti-mafia prosecutor: criminal organizations in Africa make it easier for migrants to cross until they reach the Libyan coast.

Published On(2019-11-30 16:41:00)
Rome, 30.11.2019 - Lana - The Italian National Prosecutor for Combating Mafia and Terrorism, 'Federico Cafiero', said that there is a real great cooperation between criminal organizations active in Africa that facilitates the crossing and protection of migrants until they reach the Libyan coast. The immigrant in Africa becomes a real bargaining chip. Anyone who wants to reach Europe from Africa pays the price and is accompanied to the Libyan or Tunisian coast, by criminal organizations that are expanding their business, the Italian prosecutor said at a hearing before the Schengen parliamentary committee in a survey on migration management in the Schengen area.. He explained that the migrant in any African country had to contact local criminal organizations to accompany him and then to reach the Libyan coasts, as revealed by investigations of migratory flows from Libya to Italy. The National Prosecutor General for Combating Mafia and Italian Terrorism pointed out that the migrant groups are escorted from the origin country to the coasts of Libya where they are collected by criminal organizations on the coasts and thus a link has been established between these various organizations active in different African countries. =Lana=